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Need help with IRA rules? Confused by IRS gibberish? Tired of investment sellers? This is the place for you. We share over twenty years of experience in dealing with individual retirement account problems--all brought to you in plain English.

You'll find information about traditional and Roth accounts.

Confused about beneficiaries? Beneficiary accounts? Subsequent beneficiaries? Trust beneficiaries?

What about death distributions? What are the options? What are the deadlines?

Do you need help with contributions? How much can you contribute? What is the deadline?

Thinking about moving retirement funds? Comprehensive coverage of rollovers, transfers and direct rollovers.

Queezy about required distributions? We provide all of the help you will ever need.

Conversions and recharacterization questions? This complicated information is provided in plain English.

Required distribution confusion? We've been researching this topic for over 20 years.

Considering contributing your IRA to a charity? Check out the information on Qualified Charitable Distributions.

Do you worry about being penalized for taking a distribution? Our site contains complete information on how to avoid penalties.

Traditional IRA Information
A traditional IRA is the original account which became available in the 1970s. Some people get a tax deduction for contributions to these accounts. A great opportunity to save for retirement.
Roth IRA Accounts
Need more information about Roth IRA accounts? This is the place. Free information.
IRA Rollovers
Need to move IRA funds or other retirement money? This is the place to get good, plaind English information.
IRA Transfers
IRA transfer help found here. Learn the do's and don't of using transfers to move retirement funds.
IRA Direct Rollovers
IRA direct rollovers are used mainly to move funds from an employer's retirement plan to an individual retirement account. Learn the in's and out's of direct rollovers here.
IRA Penalties
IRA penalties? These are little and big surprises coming to retirement plan owners from Congress and the IRS. Learn here how to avoid the traps.
IRA Required Distributions
IRA required distributions? Getting a little long in the tooth are we? At the magic age of 70 1/2 the government requires retirement plan owners to start taking distributions. Learn the rules here.
Own a small business with no or a few employees? Ever heard of a SEP IRA? This is the retirement plan for you.
IRA Section 72(t) Distributions
Under 59 1/2 and need your IRA funds? Here's how you can get the money without paying a penalty.
IRA Beneficiaries
We answer the question: "Who gets the IRA money?" We discuss beneficiaries from A to Z.
IRA Death Distributions
Consfused about IRA death distribution options? Here's where you can get the information.
Simple IRA
Need a retirement plan for your small business. If you have less than 100 employees a SIMPLE IRA may be the ticket.
IRA Nonspouse Beneficiaries
Finally-- IRA Help for nonspouse beneficiaries who inherit qualified retirement plans.
Charitable IRA Distributions
Charitable IRA Distributions
Stretch IRA
Minimize taxes by "stretching" benefiicary IRA payments over life expectancy
Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy